My name is Ferdinand Marlétaz, I am an evolutionary biologist and oceanographer and I am currently a postdoc at the Department of Zoology at University of Oxford. My primary interest is in the evolution of metazoan genomes both as clues of evolutionary relationship between taxa (phylogenomics) and as the support of regulatory and developmental processes. I dedicated my PhD to positioning the enigmatic phylum of chaetognaths in the tree of metazoans and better understanding their unusual genomic features. I am now developing frameworks to compare the pattern and evolutionary rates of a number of genomic traits among metazoans, such as whole genome duplication and extent of variation among population.  I also have a growing interest for comparative transcriptomics as a track to bridge ‘evodevo’ and genomics.

You can check my google scholar profile or download a full CV.

View Ferdinand Marlétaz's profile on LinkedIn


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